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Meet the Care Team

Meet the South Tower Animal Hospital care team below!

Jessica - Head Registered Veterinary Technician, Practice Manager

Jessica graduated from Georgian College in 2009.  Jessica has 3 cats named Lilly, Ducky, and Yoda,  a 27 year old horse named Jimmy, a 4 year old  Collie named Marshall, and a Jack Russell named Lucy.   In her spare time she enjoys swimming, horseback riding, and spending time with her family.  

Ivy - Veterinary Technician 

Ivy graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at Northern College Haileybury Campus.  She has, two cats named Nigel and Minou, her dog Indie, and a Ball Python named Bub. She completed a college co-op with us and officially joined our team in Spring 2020.

Tiffany - Veterinary Technician

Tiffany is completing an International Veterinary Technician Program through Ashworth College.  She has a certificate of Veterinary Office Skills and Procedures.  She has a French Bulldog named Nugget and a cat named Cheddar. Growing up, she has always had at least one pet in the house and she knew that her passion was medical care of animals.  She joined our team in the beginning of 2022.

Cris - Veterinary Technician 

Cris studied and practised Veterinary Medicine in Brazil.  Since moving to Canada, she has joined out team as a Veterinary Technician, while studying to become a licensed in Canada.

Pat  - Customer Service Representative

Pat joined our team in January 2015, as a part time receptionist. She has many cats that she looks after, both her own and strays that live nearby.  She has lived in town her entire life, and knows many people from working at a pet store until she joined us at the clinic!  She is another of the first people you will meet when coming through the door and always has a smile for everyone.

Donna -  Customer Service Representative

Donna retired from nursing of 35 years, and loves pets.  She owns an Alaskan Malamute that she shares with her three grandchildren.  She joined our team in October 2021.

Christine -  Customer Service Representative

Christine is a pet-loving Grandma who joined out team in January 2022.   Christine is new to Fergus and is loving her new town.

Ryan - Animal Care Attendant

Ryan helps keep the clinic running smoothly and helping to care for all of our patients. His dream in to get a career in Zoology. You will often see him on the Rugby field or on a hiking trail. He began in May of 2021. 

Lucy- Animal Care Attendant

Lucy is the most recent person to join our team.  She helps to keep the clinic running smoothly and well stocked.  In her spare time she is often pet sitting or riding her horse.

Peach  - Clinic Cat

Peach is full of energy and has settled into her role as a clinic cat. She has gotten used to having many dogs come in and is quite often sauntering out to greet clients when she hears the door opening, or she can be found sleeping in the exam room.



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