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I appreciate the friendliness of the staff as well as their
willingness to work with my reactive pet. I've had nothing but
positive experiences with South Tower, they were very gentle
when handling my dog during her spaying, and they continue
to surprise me with their helpfulness.
by Anon on 2016-12-23

The vet tech was pretty good and the Vet was especially good
with our cat.
by Anon on 2016-11-30

Once again Dr O and his team cared for our beautiful cat, and
very pleased with the surgery and the excellent follow up care
provided.....This team is by far the best I have ever ever
had.The mixture of knowledge,compassion and beautiful
people make it easy to trust my loved pets without
worry....once again thank you so much .....So appreciated.....
by Rita Perron on 2016-11-26

Everyone was so nice & the doctor was so knowledgeable. I
loved how he let me know exactly what was wrong with him
and explained the problems and providing solutions. It means a
lot!!! God Bless.
by Diana Karpinski on 2016-11-20

Everybody in this clinic gives great attention to the pet you
bring in and to the client that brings the pet in. My lab has been
treated like Royalty from the time she was a pup, and now when
she is aging she continues to be treated with Royalty and
respect. Thank-you everyone that shows such care to both pet
and pet owner.
by Margaret Eby on 2016-11-08

Was enjoyable for Macy and myself. Friendly
by Dean Miller on 2016-11-05

The staff was very accommodating in finding an appt. time in a
booked day when Samson was sick. The Vet was thorough in
his exam of my cat, and provided options and an estimate
beforehand. And, as always, staff followed up a few days later
to check on Sam's condition.
by Anon on 2016-11-05

We love the kindness and love the clinic shows pip as well as
by Terri Francisco on 2016-11-04

Great experience, no messing around
by Steven McCulloch on 2016-11-04

Staff and Veterinarians are exceptional, knowledgeable, Caring
and Experienced. We tried several Vets prior to South Tower
and would travel to use their services.
by Pauline Young on 2016-10-31

South Tower has been the main vet for our dog rescue for the
past 3 years. They have cared for at least 100 dogs for us and
done an excellent job each and every time. From exams to
routine surgeries to complicated surgeries, they have been top
notch. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
by HART DOG RESCUE on 2016-10-27

Great service. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I was very
happy with my recent visit.
by Anon on 2016-10-26

Very nice expierence
by Norm Manning on 2016-10-26

Absolutely love south tower vet clinic. ALL the staff are
amazing and Oren is so caring and patient with getting to know
our pets. Take there time and give all our pets understanding
and patience. look forward to continuing to come here and
having our pets looked after.
by Astrid Oude Voshaar on 2016-10-21

Always happy with our experiences with South Tower. All the
staff are friendly and informative
by Kim Cloutier on 2016-10-21

Love the staff , friendly , professional and go above and
beyond. The Dr clearly cares about his patients and treats them
with love and kindness . They are a bit on the expensive side
however I would recommend them.
by Heather & Brad Small on 2016-10-21

It was a wonderful experience, all the staff were exceptionally
friendly, caring and professional. I will definitely continue to
bring my pups here.
by Corrie Angenent on 2016-10-16

Dr. Levstien always treats me and my pets with utmost care
and respect. The whole team at South Tower is so wonderful
and kind to deal with.
by Faith Smith on 2016-10-11

We love you guys! We thought we were going to lose church.
And Dr.L went above and beyond to help save our boy. Love
you guys so much.
by Eric Torok on 2016-10-10

Great experience
by Anon on 2016-10-08

Excellent attention and care for our cat Rusty.
by Bob Telford on 2016-10-05

Fonzie's first annual checkup was a very positive experience,
although NOT for him. He was very misbehaved and I do
apologize for his behavior. He is doing much better back in his
environment. The Dr and staff were as always friendly and
professional and will always recommend your clinic. We will
work on his behavior for next year.
by Jamie Chalmers on 2016-10-05

Colton is very nervous at the vet and can sometimes be
aggressive (growl) Dr Ore took the time to get to know Colton
and established a trusting relationship. Treats, praise, got
down on his level and talked to him - all things that helped to
build the relationship and make Colton comfortable. Thank you
very much for taking the time, establishing the relationship and
making my dog feel comfortable. This means a lot to both of us.
Thanks, Terri and Colton
by Terri Townsley on 2016-09-30

Absolutely love the staff here, very helpful with any questions
we have about Cooper and any services. Highly recommended
to anyone I know looking for a vet! Keep up the fantastic work.
by Christina Toner on 2016-09-29

Always a good experience
by Anon on 2016-09-29

The staff was very nice and helpful
by Heidi Jones on 2016-09-22

Excellent staff and very informative. Very caring for our pet.
by Steve Goss on 2016-09-21

More expensive than I thought it would be, had to wait a long
time to see the doctor as well as to get in.
by Anon on 2016-09-10

All the staff are very friendly and welcoming! Any questions or
concerns with our pup were addressed promptly :)
by Sharon Aydinli on 2016-09-10

Always friendly and helpful.
by Kelly Saladini on 2016-09-10

I love everyone there. You are the kindest caring people I've
ever met!! You take such great care of all the animals not just
mine. I trust what you tell me and know you give 100% each
time. Thank you for always helping me and my furbabies. Xox
by Judy Tremeer on 2016-09-09

extremely satisfied with the experience, the veterinarian made
sure we understood the particulars about our cat's condition &
alternative treatment plans & supplied us with information we
could review at home.
by Kathleen Baker on 2016-09-07

As someone who works exclusively with fearful dogs, I am far
from an 'average' veterinary client. Thankfully, South Tower is
far from an average animal hospital. The patience, kindness
and flexibility shown to us by every staff member has made
transitioning to a new clinic a wonderful experience. Thank
by Erika Longman on 2016-09-06

Amazing service
by Jillian Zettel on 2016-08-31

I wa made most welcome. Quite satisfied with the explanations
and feel when I chose South towers because it was near my
apartment, I had made a good choice. Would certainly
recommend to anyone who asked.
by Eileen Perkins on 2016-08-31

All of the staff at South Tower Animal Hospital care about each
pet. They do their best to meet your needs. And are sensitive to
how you feel when your pet is ill or is being put down. This
cannot be an easy thing to do. But I know that both Rob and I
have appreciated their compassion. Some of the fees you have
are higher than other vet hospitals. Otherwise I would give you
full marks.
by Rob Saunders on 2016-08-30

I have been a client for sometime and have always had
excellent service. I am very impressed with the knowledge and
skill of both the vets and the support staff has always been
friendly and helpful.
by Anne Stanley on 2016-08-26

Thanks to the South Tower team for your advice and
assistance. Once again I could count on your expert and kind
assistance. My kitty and I thank you all so much!
by Anon on 2016-08-26

Marion was as lovely as ever as were all the other girls. We
missed Dr. Oren who always demonstrates his love of animals
by the kindness he shows whenever we have an occasion to
visit but were introduced to Dr. Peter who had the same friendly
manner and concern for our wee guy's problem. We feel very
fortunate that we have a great place to go when we need help
or advise for our pets. We are confident that they are getting
the best care and that helps reduce the stress one feels
anytime there are health concerns about our precious animals.
Thank you everyone! Joan
by Bruce Hawkins on 2016-08-24

I know my dog is in good hands. All advice is given with full
disclosure of risks and benefits allowing me to make the best
decision I can for my dog.
by Jennifer Fenwick on 2016-08-24

I have recommended it to my friends. Personnel are kind,
caring and dedicated.
by Nicole Benallick on 2016-08-24

I was very satisfied with my recent visit. Dr. Levstein spent a lot
of time explaining things to me about Ginny's skin condition
and answered all my questions in detail and with great interest.
He wanted to be sure I was confident in my care of her and that
I knew what to do. He gave her skin a very full exam and we
discussed all the options of treatment. I felt much better about
everything when I left the clinic. The Reception staff is very
friendly and competent and I appreciate all the follow-up phone
calls. The Technical staff is very friendly and knowledgeable
too. All in all. I have great confidence in Dr. Levstein and the
staff and it is a pleasure to go there.
by Anon on 2016-08-20

Our experience has always been very professional and caring
to my best friend!
by Gayle Else on 2016-08-17

Thank you for being the caregivers for the health and welfare of
FoxyLady Every one at South Tower Animal Hospital are
friendly and make it a pleasureable experience for both owners
and pets they bring to you. I have recommended your clinic to
friends and family.
by Christine Frank on 2016-08-13

Great staff
by Charlie Campbell on 2016-08-13

To start off, we have a 7 month old puppy and they are pretty
hard to resist not to greet. We appreciated though the minimal
restraint done while our puppy needed to get some testing
done on his eyes. The staff and our veterinarian (Dr. Oren) were
great with him despite his wigglyness and constant need to
give puppy kisses everytime a face was near his.
by Carlos Negrin on 2016-08-11

Dr Oren and his staff were extremely knowledgable and helpful
during my visit. Their prices are reasonable and they are very
pleasant to deal with. I will always go to South Tower with my
pets now.
by Carly Wilson on 2016-08-10

The staff are extremely caring and approachable .
by Mimi Baxter on 2016-08-10

Any experience I have had with South Tower has been
excellent. My seventeen year old cat Misty has received the
best of care. The staff has always been compassionate and
caring in spite of the decidedly unfriendly behaviour of my very
dear-to-me Misty.
by Marilyn Helmer on 2016-08-07

As usual, staff and Oren were attentive and took the time to
make Samson feel at ease for his appointment.
by Helen Firko on 2016-08-07

Ive been bringing my dog here for 3 years now and they've
been nothing short of amazing. my boyfriend and I recently
starting bring our new dog there too and they were great. you
can tell they really care about their patients and love their job.
such compassionate staff, which surprisingly enough you don't
always see in this field. we live in Guelph and still make the trip
to Fergus and will continue to do so.
by Bonnie Boire on 2016-07-28

I would not have pip go to any other veterinary clinic. I really
appreciate the way Dr.Oren will take his time and explain
anything and everything I want to know. Thank you for your
wonderful services.
by Terri Francisco on 2016-07-27

This was my first time visiting the South Tower Animal Hospital
and I found the whole team really kind and professional. They
explained the estimate and options thoroughly as well as post
surgery instructions. They were really patient and helpful.
Thanks for taking such good care of my cat!
by Anon on 2016-07-26

All the staff were absolutely amazing. First time there with our
cat there. He was really sick and everyone took great care. Oren
was amazing with him. We spent 3 hours there and he was so
patient. Then unfortunately had to come back 2 hours later to
put our cat down. Once again everyone was amazing at making
us comfortable and our cat to may he RIP. Thank you so much
by Astrid Oude Voshaar on 2016-07-24

Staff are energetic and kind. They communication with me
concerning my pets health is excellent and they always make
sure their job is done best to their abilities .
by Anon on 2016-07-22

Very friendly staff. Thorough check-up & lots of information
by Judy Marchegiano on 2016-07-22

Very friendly, helpful, courteous staff who are happy to answer
your questions. Our visit was a pleasant experience and I
would recommend this veterinary practice to my friends. Pat
by Patricia Drury on 2016-07-20

Excellent from start to finish. The staff were so kind to Bear and
everything was explained to me in detail which I really
by Paul Nelson on 2016-07-19

Found the staff very caring and supportive both of my pet and
me. They informed me of every step they would take in treating
my pet. There were no hidden costs at all. Follow-up was great!
No complaints here!
by Jana Ristic-Petrovic on 2016-07-16

Dr. Oren and his team are excellent
by Anon on 2016-07-16

Everyone was very friendly and helpful from start to finish.
Also, very accommodating on short notice.
by Anon on 2016-07-14

Friendly helpful and efficient
by Sharon Law on 2016-07-13

There are no words to describe the loving compassionate and
competent care provided to us by Dr Levstein and his team.
Last December our beautiful dog injured his L leg and was
unable to walk.The diagnosis "left cruciate injury"requiring
surgery.We were devastated as Ray Charles is a blind lab that
is very active and we knew would be a challenge to rehabilitate
him. We trusted the team at South Tower and this TRUST has
been rewarded.Ray is now completely recovered and back to
his everyday activities. My husband is a physician and myself a
nurse,having some medical back ground to trust a team with
our loved one is not always easy...ignorance is bliss at times.
We were supported in all phases of the rehab process and
always had access to the team.We were informed in detail of all
care that would be provided and the services were reasonably
priced. We would by far recommend this clinic for any care that
is required on your beloved pet. We are in gratitude to you DR
O,and your beautiful team members for returning our boy to his
daily activities.
by Rita Perron on 2016-07-12

Excellent and prompt service. As new patients we are very
happy to have you for our cat's care.
by Anon on 2016-07-11

Great experience for the whole family
by Kim Lewis-Haynes on 2016-07-10

We were seen promptly and given all the medical information
about the illness in a very understandable manner.
by Anon on 2016-07-10

Always appreciate the care taken with Chance, the peanut
butter guy. Appreciate the great info and tips everyone
provides so I can be an effective caretaker for Chance and
Pepper. Always appreciate the happy atmosphere, the great
photos on display and the attention of skilled staff. Thanks very
much for helping to keep my animals healthy.
by Kim Murray on 2016-07-09

Great atmosphere for both pet and owner. Relaxed yet very
caring for our dog as it shows in his behaviour upon entering .
They took extra time to educate and inform about different
options available. It was the most thorough exam ever with our
11 yr old lab(we have 2 labs prior too). Prices were very
reasonable as compared to other vets. The Dr truly loves what
he does and it shows.
by Rose Christensen on 2016-07-09

Always friendly and very rarely do I have to wait for the
assessment to begin. The process is fairly seamless from the
time I walk in the door until we leave. Thanks a bunch guys! It's
always fun watching Oren schmooze the boys with treats!!
by Teresa Evans on 2016-07-08

Staff is always friendly and very helpful
by Sharon Law on 2016-07-08

Very nice friendly staff, big examination rooms and great kind
veterinary services.
by Sherry Cooper on 2016-07-06

Thanks so much to the doctor Oren Levstein and all staff of
South Animal hospital for excellent service and compassion.
Chastny family
by Rachel Chastny on 2016-07-05

I had an excellent experience at South Tower. Dr Oren is an
amazing vet. Thorough, compassionate and honest. Also my
dog loves him!
by Terri Townsley on 2016-07-04

Excellent staff, they treat you as if you are not just another
customer.. Bindi loves going there to see her health care team
by Nicole Henry on 2016-07-03

Excellent staff and excellent care for your pets. Highly
by Anon on 2016-07-02

Very good experience every time I have to visit the clinic. Staff
is always friendly and professional. Feel I am at the right place
with my 4 pets. Thank you for your hard work. It is always
by Celine Renaud on 2016-07-02

Excellent care and service every time we visit or call. Highly
recommended to all my friends
by Christina Toner on 2016-07-01

excellent as always!
by Kate Harper on 2016-07-01

We have always had loving and very attentive care for Pete and
we are grateful to have such good care
by Karren Sorensen on 2016-07-01

As always, our visits to the clinic are excellent. Great staff.
by Anon on 2016-07-01

Best vet ever!
by Bob Iltal on 2016-07-01

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